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For Green Roof Installations in Sheffield.

Also :-

  • Commercial Property Basement Conversions. ( See below. )
  • Underfloor Heating For Commercial Buildings.

Our specially trained installers range from:

  • Flat roof drainage
  • Structural Engineers
  • Flat Roof Waterproofing
  • Building Design
  • Building Maintenance
  • Basement And Cellar Damp Proofing
  • Underfloor Heating Installation

Our engineers and designers can put together the right blend of materials that are best suited to any commercial property. Once the installation is complete, your new green roof will be fully functional and easily maintained. We will offer you free advice how to keep the green roof well maintained after our installers have completed the project.

You can choose from a variety of different types of green roofs:

  • Mat-based - This kind of green roof is laid out as you would lay new turf onto a garden and it comes rolled up on a pallet much like ordinary garden turf does. The material used will be designed to take on water and nutrients but will also need the appropriate drainage system to avoid water-logging.
  • Substrate-based - Substrate green roofs will consist if a number of different layers. All of the layers will be designed to allow for natural growth of the plants along with a complete drainage and waterproofing system for low running costs. The plants will need to be maintained as with any garden.
  • Biodiverse - This kind of green roof is designed and installed with some expertise and is intended to be part of the natural surroundings. All of the plants will be carefully chosen and planted to match the local environment. There aren't any major seasonal considerations to be taken into account when designing a biodiverse roof.

With all types of green roofs some care needs to be taken in preparation for the installation. Weight is one concern and the strength of the structure will need to be assessed. If necessary, extra structural supports can be added.

Another concern will be the waterproofing of the building. If the current materials that the green roof is to be laid on are inadequate, additional waterproofing measures will be added to avoid any water damage or structural failure.

For the 'living' green roofs, the system must be designed so that enough water is retained for healthy plant growth. But there will need to be a well balanced drainage system as well to avoid water-logging or over watering.

A beautiful living room after a professional basement conversion.

Basement Conversions And Underfloor Heating Installations For Commercial Properties In Sheffield.

We are specialists in either new basement constructions or complete basement conversions. Having a basement converted for use in a commercial property will provide an extra floor for either storage or extra stock.

There is an advantage of using the lower floor ( cellar or basement ) as a form of temperature regulation for the rest of the structure. This can be achieved by utilising the 'thermal mass' of the lower floor. Essentially, the temperature of the floor can be used to keep the rest of the building cooler or warmer and maintain an equilibrium.

During colder periods, the heat will be drawn up from the lower floor. During hotter periods, the heat will be drawn away from the higher, warmer floors into the cooler cellar or basement.

For this type of system, the design will need to be planned out carefully and will include considerations for things like underfloor heating and air circulation.

Call us today and ask us about green roof installations, commercial basement conversions and construction in Sheffield.

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