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Basement And Cellar Construction In Sheffield And Chesterfield.

Converting A Disused Cellar Or Basement Into A Completely New Room.

For centuries builders in the UK created basements beneath almost every property. Not until the 1940’s did this practice stop.
Today, land prices for development can exceed 33% of the project cost. Plots of land in urban areas are generally small therefore building a basement will increase your habitable area on a smaller footprint.

Examples Of Basements.

'Daylight Basements'.

So called because of their position in relation to the ground level. The property will be situated on a slope. i.e. one side of the house is on the downward slope. This leaves the basement level accessible from the outside but the property still requires a set of stairs to go up to the ground floor level.
These stairs can be inside or outside of the property. An example of the outside staircase can be a set of concrete steps, much like how you would commonly see steps leading to a lower part of the garden.

'Lookout Basements'.

These kind of basements are usually seen where the property is clearly visible above ground and the windows of the basement level are also visible to the outside.
One advantage of these kinds of basements is the fact that there are windows that are exposed to the outside, allowing for daylight ( although the amount of light is still restricted in comparison to ground level windows ) to enter the basement aswell as providing some form of ventilation.

'Walk Up Basement'.

These kinds of basements have an exterior entrance but are still below 'ground level'. When you have an entrance to a basement level such as this, drainage will be required to prevent rain water from collecting at the door an the exterior or the property.

An Example Of A Complete Basement Conversion - Image Below.

A beautiful living room after a professional basement conversion.

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