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Waterproofing Roofs | Specialists In Sheffield And Chesterfield.

Delta Membrane Installation For Flat Roof Waterproofing.

As trained and approved installers of Delta Membrane systems, The Basement Company offer the Delta Terrax system for waterproofing flat roofs and other horizontal structures.
For perimeter insulation and compression resistant surfaces, it is suitable for application over concrete structures, the multi layered waterproofing membrane enables a multitude of final applications such as:

  • roof gardens
  • terraces
  • driveways
  • car parks
See Image Below.
Delta Terrax Damp And Waterproofing Membrane.

The system is compliant with DIN 4095. A standard for drainage on and beneath structures that are in contact with the soil.

Using the Delta Terrax Membrane for waterproofing a flat roof for example, gives a guaranteed and permanent filtration and drainage system. It comprises of a dimpled sheet that acts as a surface drainage layer and a permanent filtration geotextile. The geotextile prevents the dimpled structure from becoming clogged up with sludge.

The drainage membranes protect perimeter insulation boards from water and separate the insulation layer from the ground soil.

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